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Membership 2021-2022

Executive Committee

Law: Mary Tate, President, (term expires 2023)
A&S Div. 2: Stephen Long, Vice President, (term expires 2023)
SPCS: Kate Cassada, Chair, Committee on Committees, (term expires 2024)
JSLS: Kristin Bezio (1-sem replacement for Thad Williamson, Immediate Past President, (Ex-Officio) Ex-Officio Advisor (term expires 2023)
RSB: Jeff Carlson (term expires 2023)

Faculty Membership

A&S Div. 1: Jennifer Cable (term expires 2024)
A&S Div. 1: Anthony Russell (term expires 2022)
A&S Div. 2: Tze Loo (term expires 2022)
A&S Div. 3: Mariama Dias (1-yr replacement for Marcella Torres, term expires 2024)
A&S Div. 3: Mike Norris (1-yr replacement for Karen Kochel, term expires 2023)
A&S At-Large: Walt Stevenson (term expires 2022)
A&S At-Large: Mary Finley-Brook (term expires 2022)
A&S At-Large: Peter Smallwood (term expires 2023)
A&S At-Large: Sam Abrash (term expiring 2024)
Law: Meredith Harbach (term expires 2024)
RSB: Erik Craft (term expires 2024)
University Staff Advisory Council: Mary Finley-Brook
Student Governments: Jennifer Cable (Westhampton) and Erik Craft (Richmond)
Ex-officio Members
Kevin F. Hallock, President
Jeffrey W. Legro, Executive Vice President and Provost

Previous University Faculty Senate roster

Office of the Provost

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Phone: (804) 289-8153
Fax: (804) 287-1296