Executive Committee

Stephen Long, A&S, Senate President
Jeff Carlson, RSB, Senate Vice President
Thad Williamson, JSLS
Kate Cassada, SPCS
Meredith Harbach, Law and Co-Chair, Committee on Committees
Jennifer Cable, A&S, Co-Chair, Committee on Committees
Mary Tate, Past Senate President (ex officio)


A&S Div. 1: Jennifer Cable (term expiring 2024)
A&S Div. 1: Dorothy Holland (term expiring 2025)
A&S Div. 2: Will Reckner (term expiring 2025)
A&S Div. 2: Stephen Long term expiring 2023)
A&S Div. 3: Marcella Torres (term expiring 2024)
A&S Div. 3: Karen Kochel (term expiring 2023)
A&S At-Large: Jannette Amaral-Rodriguez (term expiring 2024)
A&S At-Large: Camilla Nonterah (term expiring 2025)
A&S At-Large: Mary Finley-Brook (term expiring 2025)
A&S At-Large: Peter Smallwood (term expiring 2023)
JSLS: Thad Williamson (term expiring 2023)
Law: Meredith Harbach (term expiring 2024)
Law: Mary Tate (term expiring 2023)
RSB: Erik Craft (term expiring 2024, Maia Linask will serve as one-semester rep. spring 2023)
RSB: Adam Marquardt (term expiring 2025, Daniel Paik will serve as one-semester rep. spring 2023)
RSB: Jeff Carlson (term expiring 2023)
SPCS: Kate Cassada (term expiring 2024)


University Staff Advisory Council: Mary Finley-Brook

Bias Resource Team Representative: Marcella Torres
Student Governments: Jennifer Cable (Westhampton) and Karen Kochel (Richmond)

Ex Officio Members

Kevin F. Hallock, President University of Richmond
Jeffrey W. Legro, Executive Vice President & Provost