General Education Curriculum Implementation Committee

The General Education Curriculum Implementation Committee (GECImp) has released its final report.

Committee Charge

The General Education Curriculum (GEC) at the University of Richmond is the set of required courses that all undergraduates must pass prior to graduation. After two years of drafting and responding to community feedback by the GEC Improvement Committee (GECIC), the university faculty voted on May 17, 2021, to approve the committee’s proposal, “The Web of Inquiry.” The curriculum is defined by a set of Areas of Inquiry, each of which intersect with Integrated Focus areas. The GEC Implementation Committee (GECImp) is tasked with making recommendations regarding the curricular, administrative, and financial needs to fully and successfully implement the Web of Inquiry curriculum. Such recommendations shall take into account the GECIC’s recommendations for implementation and include standards and processes for course vetting and inclusion (including what elements of the curriculum must be completed at the University), curriculum oversight, instructor training, budgeting for necessary resources, and a communication plan for the roll-out of the Web of Inquiry curriculum. The GECImp shall also consider the GECIC’s recommendations regarding the Integrated Learning Pilot Program, approved by the university faculty on May 17, 2021. The GECImp’s final report shall provide an explanation for any implementation recommendation(s) from the GECIC that it chose not to undertake. Given the GEC’s central role in our student's educational experience and the participation of faculty from across the university, a well-designed and clearly communicated plan is critical to the successful implementation of the new curriculum.

Commitee Product

The GEC Implementation Committee will prepare a proposal that addresses necessary resources, governance bodies, and administrative structures to fully and successfully implement the Web of Inquiry curriculum by Fall 2023.


Voting Members

  • Saif Mehkari, Co-Chair
  • Tracy Roof, Co-Chair
  • Bill Bergman
  • Ted Bunn
  • Jeannine Keefer
  • Mariela Méndez
  • Chris Von Rueden (Fall 2021)
  • Javier Hidalgo (Spring 2022)

Ex-Officio Membership (non-voting)

  • Kristen Ball
  • Carol Parish
  • Libby Gruner (Spring 2022)

Student Membership (non-voting)

  • Lindsey Stevens (WC)
  • Aamy Bakry (RC)