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University Faculty Senate

The University of Richmond Faculty Senate, installed during Summer 2015, is the body authorized by both the University Faculty and the Board of Trustees to represent the university faculty in the university’s governance process on matters that impact the university or affect more than one school. Developing the Charter for the University Faculty Senate was a long, collaborative, and consultative process. A brief history is provided here. The longer history can be found on the link.

The University Faculty Council (UFC) was formed in 1984 as a successor to the Faculty Advisory Panel with a charge to “provide information and advice to the President and the Provost regarding faculty interests and concerns as they bear upon the life and operation of the institution.” In April 2013, some members of the UFC brought forward a proposal to examine faculty governance at the University of Richmond, and the UFC designated a subcommittee to study the issue and report back to the UFC. After examining the UFC charge, the university committee structure, and models for faculty representation and shared governance at other colleges and universities, members of the Subcommittee concluded that the UFC had become an insufficient vehicle for developing partnerships and enacting shared governance across the institution. Shared governance requires forums in which the interests and priorities of the community as a whole can be discussed and aligned, so that all feel vested in the future of the institution.

From Fall 2013 to Fall 2014, the UFC Subcommittee drafted a proposal for a University Faculty Senate, a representative body organized to better accomplish these ends. It reviewed governance procedures at a number of other institutions. The Subcommittee also considered the recommendations for effective shared governance provided by The Statement on Government of Colleges and Universities, which was jointly developed and formally endorsed by the American Association of University Professors (AAUP), the American Council on Education (ACE), and the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges (AGB) in 1966. The Subcommittee worked with the administration and a subcommittee of the Board of Trustees. It solicited feedback from the university faculty at multiple times during the process. The final proposed Charter was presented to the Faculty and to the Board in November 2014, It was subsequently voted as approved by both the Faculty and the Board. Implementation occured during the spring and summer of 2015, at which time the University Faculty Council ceased to exist. 

2015-16 Membership

  • Jan French – A&S div. 2 (1st of 1 yr. term, expiring 2016)  President
  • Chris Cotropia – Law School (1st of 2 yr. term, expiring 2017)  Vice President
  • Stephanie Cobb – A&S div. 2 (1st of 2 yr. term, expiring 2017)  Chair of Committee on Committees
  • Jennifer Erkulwater - A&S at large (1st of 1 yr. term, expiring 2016)
  • Dorothy Holland - A&S div. 1 (1st of 1 yr. term, expiring 2016)
  • Peter Smallwood - A&S at large (1st of 1 yr. term, expiring 2016)
  • Tom Arnold – Business (1st of 1 yr. term, expiring 2016)
  • Michelle Hamm - A&S div. 3 (1st of 2 yr. term, expiring 2017)
  • Julie Laskaris - A&S at large  (1st of 2 yr. term, expiring 2017)
  • Shakun Mago - Business  (1st of 2 yr. term, expiring 2017)
  • Joanne Ciulla - JSLS  (1st of 2 yr. term, expiring 2017)
  • Jennifer Cable - A&S div. 1 (1st of 3 yr. term, expiring 2018)
  • Malcolm Hill - A&S div. 3 (1st of 3 yr. term, expiring 2018)
  • Eric Yellin - A&S at large (1st of 3 yr. term, expiring 2018)
  • Doug Bosse - Business (1st of 3 yr. term, expiring 2018)
  • Jack Preis - Law School (1st of 3 yr. term, expiring 2018)
  • Porcher Taylor - SPCS (1st of 3 yr. term, expiring 2018)
  • Ronald A. Crutcher- President (Ex-offico member)
  • Jacquelyn S. Fetrow- Provost (Ex-offico member)